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Gloria Velez
Real Name: Gloria Velez
Nicknames: Glo
Birth Date: December 18, 1978
Birth Place: Long Island, New York
Height: 5’4’
Eye Color: Blonde
Hair Color: Brown
Measurements: 36C-25-36
Weight: 120 lb

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Gloria Velez’ claim to fame is as an American bikini model, former Hip Hop model, dancer, Hip Hop and R&B artist and actress. Gloria Velez is of Puerto Rican heritage. She has one son with singer Aaron Hall, who was a member in the 80s and 90s trio, ‘Guy’.

Gloria Velez seemed to know from a very young age what career path she was going to peruse. In order to fulfill her childhood dream, during her teenage years, she attended the John Casablanca’s modeling school. Gloria Velez’ time at the John Casablanca’s modeling school aided her in being signed by the Elite Modeling Agency.

Gloria Velez got started in videos with a series of videos entitled Luke's Freakshow. This particular video series contained sexually explicit scenes which include her stripping and even some lesbian acts with various other women. Gloria has been quoted as saying ‘These videos are being used as blackmail by former 2 Live Crew member Luther "Luke" Campbell’, the film's producer, although he claims ‘She jumped at the chance to do these videos to get into the video industry’.

Gloria Velez began to work in the music scene by going on tour with *NSYNC and Sisqó. Gloria Velez was still a schoolgirl, a new face with a feminist attitude.  Gloria was so young she had to fly over to *NSYNC and Sisqó concert locations during weekends and free days when she wasn't in school.

Velez found her musical influence through Sisqó, *NSYNC and other singers and she soon began to pursue her own career as a rap artist. Gloria started her own studio and soon after, she was discovered by music executive Tyrone Fyffe, who signed her to his music label.

It wasn’t long before Gloria Velez switched to Rodney Jerkins' Cash Money/Darkchild Imprint label. This caused some legal problems for the artists because of her earlier contract with Fyffe. Gloria was taken to court and Fyffe tried to claim her back to his own label claiming that she hadn’t fulfilled her contract. Gloria Velez decided to end the problem by getting a release from both of her contracts, and she independently released her first CD, "Glory". "Glory" was released prior to Velez's first promotional tour.

Gloria Velez’s future plans include releasing a DVD named "Doin Tha Damn Thing," as well as working as a spoke model for designer April Maiya's national clothing line "BellaHoney," and appearing in more magazine shoots.