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Name: Simorah
Birth Place: Washington, DC
Height: 5' 8"
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Blonde
Measurements: 34-22-45
Shoe Size: 7.5
Weight: 140 lbs

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Simorah’s start in modeling began in North Carolina where she was  brought up. Simorah participated in pageants and school fashion shows  when she was 16 years old. When Simorah went to college, where she was  majoring psychology, she realized that she missed the lights, cameras  and modeling.

Simorah started to make a career path by enrolling in Barbizon in  1998 to get the basics. A year later Simorah attended a John Casablanca  course to learn the fundamentals of doing acting and commercials.  Simorah became a semi-finalist in Miss North Carolina Pageant in that  same year.

In 2003 Simorah moved to Philadelphia where she developed good  networking skills, which helped her to develop her career further.  However Simorah encountered tough critics in Philadelphia and had  little success. Simorah was traveling back and forth to NYC where  finally her potential was noticed and then her career turned into a  huge success. Simorah was modeling for regional hair shows, fashions  shows, and doing some music videos.

DJ Kay Slay and Simorah are working together now on numerous  projects such as the Diary of a Dime Piece Volume 1 and 2 DVD Series  and also hosting several mix tapes.

Simorah did graduate from college with a license as a state  certified Medical Technician. Simorah’s industry career is just taking  off and she would be a great asset to anyone’s fashion show, music  video or movie.

Simorah appearances in music videos:

50 Cent - I Get Money

Neesh (2006)

Magazine appearances for Simorah:

Straight Stuntin Magazine Cover 

Other appearances for Simorah:

You Must Learn Video/DVD Show  Host (2007)

Open Mic Hip Hop Showcase Host

MTV version of Barber Shop Unscripted

Funkmaster Flex Car Show in Ocean City Maryland

Contestant on America’s Next Top Model